Lowcountry Dyslexia Center was opened in October of 2013 in response to a glaring need for language-literacy diagnosis and intervention in Beaufort County. Lowcountry Dyslexia Center started off as a loosely organized group of speech language pathologists interested in language-processing as it related to reading at Lowcountry Therapy Center in Bluffton. Jessi Dolnik, MA, CCC-SLP began diagnosing and treating dyslexia in the beginning of 2013 and word spread. She encouraged two staff speech language pathologists at Lowcountry Therapy Center to also receive advanced training in the multi-sensory and systematic approach call Orton-Gillingham (O-G) to better serve the area’s pediatric population. Due to increasing referrals to Lowcountry Therapy Center for reading evaluations, the Lowcountry Dyslexia Center was formed.

In October 2013, Lowcountry Dyslexia Center teamed up with Lexercise to give families access to teletherapy - an effective and accessible treatment approach for dyslexia and other language-literacy disorders. Through teleptherapy, a child never has to miss a session (for transportation or vacation reasons) and therapy fits right in to a busy family’s schedule. Since Lowcountry Dyslexia Center is housed within Lowcountry Therapy Center, it’s therapists and clinical educators have access to it’s pediatric occupational and physical therapist’s input, enabling evaluation and treatment of the whole child.

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