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What can you expect from us?

Free screenings: A screening assesses whether an evaluation is needed or not. If you have ANY concerns regarding speech or language please call us to set up a free screening. Screening takes approximately 20 minutes.

Comprehensive evaluations: We have various different types of testing that examine the many components that make up our speech and language system. Usually, one test is not enough to accurately assess language, especially for those children exhibiting difficulties with reading and/or writing. A large part of our evaluation process is parent/caregiver interview. Evaluations can take up to two hours. A written report is provided at no additional cost.

Intensive, one-to-one therapy session: Speech therapy is usually conducting one-on-one, in one our inviting and quiet therapy rooms. Speech therapy sessions can last 30-, 40-, or 60-minutes, depending upon what duration is recommended. Speech therapy sessions are typically recommended once or twice per week.

Group therapy sessions: Speech therapy is sometimes recommended in a group setting, especially when working on social language goals. We offer a variety of social groups for different age-groups. All of our groups are conducted by a speech-language pathologist and an assistant.

Communication/Collaboration with other professionals: Working as a team with a child’s teacher and other educational professionals is so important. The speech language pathologists at Lowcountry Therapy will work with your child’s teachers (including attending IEP meetings) so that speech and language goals are being targeted throughout the day. This ensures that your child gets the most he or she possibly can out of therapy.

What skills should you be looking for?

 Age in Months Speech and Language Skills Expected 
 3-6 -displays startle response to sound 
-quiets when picked up

-smiles reflexively

 6-9  -Vocal play observed

-Looks toward family members  when named

 9-12 (1 yr) -Comprehends “no”

-Uses a wide variety of sound combinations

-produces double syllables

 12-18 -understands up to 10 words

-uses first true word
- by 18 mos. has 50-100 words

-uses all consonant and vowel sounds in vocal play

 18-24 (2 yrs) -by 24 mos. has 200-300 words
-begins to put 2 words together

-produces 10 or more words

-follows 1-step commands

-strangers can understand speech ~50% of the time

 24-36 -combines 3-5 words in subject-verb-object format

-asks what and yes/no questions
-using and understanding simple 'why' questions
-begins using -ing verbs and plural 's'
-using pronouns 'I, me, you, we'

 36 (3 yrs) -comprehends up to 4200 words

-uses 900 words expressively

-asks how, why, and when questions

-strangers can understand speech ~75% of the time
-reports on past events
-understand basic spatial terms: 'in, on, under,' etc.
-abilty to produce a rhyme

 48 (4 yrs) -average 5-6 words per sentence in complex sentences

-can name items in a category

-can give full name

-strangers can understand speech ~100% of the time
-knowledge of letter names/sounds emerge
-use and understand 'when' and 'how' questions

 54 (4.5 yrs) -average 6-8 words per sentence

-understands humor

I have concerns about my child's speech and language skills, what should I do?

If you have concerns regarding your child's speech and language development, please call or contact the Therapy Center directly to schedule a free screening OR contact your physician directly and ask them for a prescription to be faxed directly to us. A prescription from your peditrician is required for an evaluation. A prescription from your pediatrician is not required for a screening.

If your child is referred for a speech and language therapy evaluation by his or her pediatrician, rest assured that your family will receive excellent care. All therapy evaluations consist of standardized and nonstandardized testing, parent consultation, and a free written report. We also provide free financial consultations and collaboration with other therapy & treatment professionals (i.e., teachers, school therapists, physician, etc.) as needed as part of the therapy evaluation process.

If therapy is recommended, your child will be scheduled immediately. Therapy is ALWAYS family-based. Parents and caregivers will ALWAYS be invited either to observe therapy sessions via one-way mirror with audio-jack or into the therapy session. This encourages speech therapy techniques to be carried over into the home environment, which is our ultimate goal.

Please call us, or fill out our quick & easy contact form with any questions!

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