Do It Yourself Platform Swing

Do It Yourself Platform Swing

Platform swings are a great way to help with sensory integration. Swinging provides essential vestibular movement to help children achieve normal developmental milestones, calming them and letting them have fun. Swinging can help sooth, relax, and unwind the child. The motion of swinging help restores the balance of the vestibular system and help children feel more in balance and be able to concentrate more.

Whether you are super handy or have never held a tool before making a platform swing can be very simple. Here are the plans for a simple platform swing that I found. You will need plywood (cut to the size of your choice), sturdy braided rope, soft material to cover the plywood, eye bolts, and 2 D ring clips. Start by drilling a hole through each corner of the plywood. Make sure to keep the holes about 2-3 inches away from the corners, and make sure the hole is big enough for the rope to fit through. Next thread the rope through knotting at each corner and create an X on the bottom of the swing. Attach the top of each side to the D ring carabiner. Also when hanging the swing in your house make sure it is attached to a think beam and not just a regular joyce using an eye bolt.  Use 2 eye bolts for more back and forth swinging and use 1 eye bolt with a spinner attachment in order to make the swing spin in circles.  Here is the website with the instructions along with some pictures

This is just one example of a platform swing that I have found. There are a ton of different styles using different materials depending on how handy you are. This website has a couple different platform swing ideas along with a few hammock and inner tube swing designs

-Matthew D’Antonio, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist

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