Gear Up for a Successful School Year

As we’re all attempting to navigate new and unconventional forms of education that this school year may bring, support your child’s success with these things in mind while creating their work space.

‣ Set aside some one on one time together to create an agreed upon ideal environment.

‣ Ease of eliminating distractions (TV, background noise, visual disturbances) and use headphones as needed.

‣ Ergonomics and posture - Using incorrect posture for extended periods of time can lead to increased fatigue and muscle strain. Leaning your head forward can add up to 10 lbs of extra pressure on the spine.

‣ Avoid slouching. This not only reduces back pain, but

is also beneficial for breathing patterns. Lengthen the spine by pulling shoulders back and aligning your head and spine.

‣ Use 90/90/90 Degree Rule- Elbows, hips, and knees should be at 90 degree angles to avoid muscle tension and strain.

‣ Schedule frequent, every 30 minutes, ‘movement’ or stretch breaks to reset and realign the body.

‣ Social/Emotional- Children may feel isolated with on-line learning. Set up time outside of class to connect with others (classmates, family, groups of interest). There are many virtual platforms to ‘meet’ when face to face socializing isn’t available.

Keep an open and flexible mind where ever 'class' may take place this school year and it'll be a successful one!

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