Holiday Crafts and Games

Holiday Crafts and Games                            Author: Krista Flack, MS OTR/L

 During the holidays, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the stress of it all, and forget to sit back and enjoy it.  It is so great for you and your children to enjoy some holiday-related crafts, games, and traditions, to take the focus off of the stress and make lasting memories.  Below are some ideas I love, although the internet is filled with so many ideas to choose from! 


  • Bake cookies or another festive treat.  Not only is this fun (and has a built in yummy reward at the end), but it is a great executive functioning task.  Following directions and sequencing steps is an important part of baking.  Think ahead about the steps that your child can do independently and those that he or she can help you with.  Don’t worry about the end result looking beautiful, just enjoy the activity as a family!
  • Go on a scavenger hunt.  Make or download a list of Christmas related items, and go for a drive searching for them among decorations and lights.
  • Make holiday-themed sensory bins.  Use gift wrap, ribbon, cotton "snow" and other medias to explore and hide treasures in.  Dry noodles and rice can be dyed red and green (or any color!), and there are plenty of ‘slime’ and ‘snow’ recipes out there!
  • Make handprint and footprint art.  Not only is this a great sensory experience and fine motor task, but it is a great way to watch your child’s growth each year, as the prints get bigger and bigger.  These homemade crafts homemade crafts can also make excellent personalized gifts for loved ones.
  • The gift of giving.  Make room for new toys and minimize clutter (which can be visually overstimulating and overwhelming) by donating outgrown or gently used toys. 


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