Importance of Core Strength

Core strength refers to the development of the trunk muscles. They help to stabilize and align the trunk, and help the body to maintain proper posture. The core is the center of control for everything else the body does. The muscles associated with core strength include the muscles of the abdomen, pelvis, and back. Poor core strength can cause poor posture which can affect gross motor ad fine motor skills. Poor core strength can also affect breathing and have an effect on speech.

Tummy time is one of the first ways we begin to develop core strength. It allows babies to develop the muscles of the neck and back. It will also prepare the infant for such developmental milestones such as crawling, rolling over, and sitting up independently. For school aged children play is the best way to develop and build core strength. Children with poor core strength tend to slump or lay down when playing with toys, have poor endurance, and a round posture. Below are some great examples of exercises and play activities to build up core strength.

  • Wheelbarrow walking

  • Swinging

  • Sit-ups and superman

  • Riding a bike

  • Various animal walks

  • Sitting criss cross instead of w sitting or lying down

Check out these links for more info on the importance of core strength and some different core strength exercises

-Matthew D’Antonio, PT, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist

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