Interview with Kimberley Reardon, Owner of Ignite the Senses Children's Gym!

Interview with Kimberley Reardon, Owner of Ignite the Senses Children’s Gym.


Matt: Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started Ignite the Senses?


Kimberley: I am originally from Maryland and have been in the medical/financial field for a while now. In 2009 I had my son and a few years later he was diagnosed with Autism. After he was diagnosed I realized there was nothing around here for him. There were no support groups and no sensory gyms, and like most people I don’t have any room in the house to add the equipment like swings, trampolines, etc. that he needs, and that is why I started the Ignite the Senses Sensory Gym.


Matt: What type of equipment does Ignite the Senses have?


Kimberley: We have all different kinds of equipment. We have a zip line, roller slide, jungle gym, wheelie bugs, ball pit, crash pit, swings, and much more. We also have several different rooms such as an art center, a quiet room, and a fitness room for yoga and other fitness activities. We also have a projector that projects games onto the floor, and makes the floor interactive so when they touch it something will happen.


Matt: Who is Ignite the Senses open to?


Kimberley: We are open to everyone. This is not just something for children with special needs. One of our goals is to raise awareness and acceptance about autism to help avoid these kids being stared at or bullied. Also this is a parent led gym, meaning that parents are to remain present and with their child. It is also encouraged to bring siblings so that the siblings do not feel left out and so that the whole family can play together.


Matt: Do you offer any types of programs?


Kimberley:  Yes. We offer a date night program that will start next month. It is limited to 15 kids and the parents are not present for this. It allows the parents to have some time to together and to get some things done such as shopping. We are also available for parities such as birthday parties, youth groups, sports teams, etc. We also offer special music and art programs. Next month we will be starting yoga and fitness programs as well. In the future we are also going to start support groups for not only the kids but for the parents as well.


Check out the link below to their website for more information.



-Matthew D’Antonio, PT, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist

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