Keeping Busy Over Break

Keeping Busy Over Break                             Author: Krista Flack, MS OTR/L

For most of us, school is out for holiday break, which means routines are out of whack and there’s lots of downtime to fill.  I’m sure holiday festivities will fill some of that time, but the inevitable “I’m bored!” is sure to come up as well.  While the weather can fluctuate quite a bit, and getting outdoor time is always great, here are some great ideas to keep from going stir crazy while staying warm inside over break!


  1. Make an indoor scavenger hunt.  Get the creative juices flowing by giving descriptives to search for (something round, something blue, something that you use every day, etc.), or give tricky hints to get your child from one clue to the next until they discover a hidden treasure!
  2. Let your child help cook or bake.  Not only can this be a great way to practice executive functioning (following directions, sequencing, planning, etc.) and motor skills (measuring, pouring, mixing, etc.), but it can be a great sensory experience!  Stirring a mixing bowl of batter or kneading and forming dough can provide tactile and proprioceptive input to regulate the body.
  3. Make an indoor obstacle course.  To include proprioceptive input, take the cushions off the couch for some crashing and fill the laundry baskets for some heavy work.  Incorporate animal walks, bouncing, tumbling, and motor moves like jumping jacks, push-ups, and wheelbarrow walking to stimulate the body and mind!
  4. Look back at our recent blog posts for tons of ideas for crafts and sensory play ideas!
  5. Find indoor outings for some fun away from home.  While Savannah and Charleston have plenty of fun attractions to spend a day at, you don’t have to travel that far.  Check out Ignite the Senses, the Kazoo Factory,the Sandbox , the Island Playground, Jungle Jump, or even just the local fast food restaurants that have play places to burn off some built up energy! 

We hope you find fun and stimulating ways to spend this holiday break.  See you in the new year!


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