NEW Virtual Parent Support Group!!

NEW Virtual Parent Support Group                                                         Author: Krista Flack, MS OTR/L


Here at Lowcountry Therapy Center, we are always striving to find a way to bring families together.  We do this all year long through events we sponsor and by promoting events that are happening in our community.  We are excited to share a new project weve started: an online virtual support group!  Here is a great link that explains some of the benefits of support groups, including; sharing frustrations, getting feedback and suggestions, sharing your knowledge with others on the same path, fostering friendships, and laughing (or even crying) together. 

To find this support group, log into Facebook, and go to Lowcountry Therapy Centers page.  Scroll down the left side of the screen and click on the Groups tab, then select Lowcountry Therapy Parents .  You can also search Lowcountry Therapy Parents using the search bar at the top of the page.  Request to join the group, and an admin will approve your request.  Approval is required so that we can maintain a certain degree of privacy. 

This group was created to provide a virtual support group for parents in this community.  While this group was initially created with parents of children with special needs in mind, it can also provide valuable insight for parents struggling with any concerns about their child, and may help guide these parents to finding the services that would benefit their children. Within this group a family can find support if they are:

-struggling with any aspect of parenting, including needing guidance through the process of determining what is typical and what may require some extra attention,

- accepting, understanding, and embracing a new diagnosis, or

- addressing and coping with issues that take a toll on you, your child, and your family.

It is great to have local, supportive parents around that can offer advice, encouragement, or even a hug, whether it be virtual or in person!!  

We would love for you to introduce yourself! Please share as much or as little of your family's story as you'd like, seek advice, share what has and has not worked well for you and your family, recommend events, products, and books that have helped you and your family, schedule meet ups and play dates, and start conversations to foster relationships!  Remember, members here are parents, not health professionals. The support here should not replace a professional evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment.

We cant wait for you to join! 

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