NFL Play 60 Challenge

NFL Play 60 Challenge

The American Heart Association and the NFL have teamed up to create the NFL Play 60 Challenge. The challenge was first created in 2006 and is designed to battle childhood obesity. Today nearly 1 in 3 kids and teens in the United States are overweight or obese.  Research has shown that inactive children are more likely to become inactive adults. This is why it is important to limit screen time and encourage your children to get out and play!

The original challenge is a 4 week challenge and the kids must get 60 minutes of physical activity every day. We are going to modify it a little. The challenge will take place from February 13th to February 19th. The challenge is to be active for 60 minutes for 5 out of the 7 days. Below is a weekly log, and you must log your activity for each day. After you fill out the log bring it back and give it to your therapist to receive a PRIZE! It is that easy!

So let’s recap:

1) Be active for 60 minutes

 2) Log activity

3) Bring the log in and get a cool prize!!!!


For more information on the NFL Play 60 Challenge and for some great activity ideas check out this link



Monday (2/13)




Tuesday (2/14)




Wednesday (2/15)




Thursday (2/16)




Friday (2/17)




Saturday (2/18)




Sunday (2/19)





Matthew D’Antonio, PT, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist

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