Older Kids Gross Motor Milestones

Kids learn and develop new gross motor skills every year. For babies these include rolling, crawling, sitting, and walking. As a parent, these are all skills you are made aware of during child classes and reading baby books. What most parents don’t know are the skills children need to develop as they grow and when they should develop them by. Below is a list of common gross motor skills and the ages at which a child should be able to complete them.

2 Years Old

  • Running without falling
  • Walking backward
  • Jumping forward with 2 foot take off 4-12 inches
  • Walking up and down the stairs without using a railing with both feet on each step
  • Standing on 1 foot 1-2 seconds

3-4 Years Old

  • Jumping forward 24-34 inches
  • Jumping over a 2 inch obstacle with a 2 foot take off
  • Walking forward on a line
  • Hop on 1 foot
  • Complete sit-ups with feet held
  • Ride a tricycle

5-6 Years Old

  • Skip
  • Gallop
  • Ride a 2 wheel bike
  • Jump over a 10 inch obstacle
  • Can complete 3-6 sit-ups without help
  • Catch a ball with hands only

If you are nervous that your child may not be meeting their milestones on time please give us a call. We can offer several types of screening free!

-Matthew D’Antonio, PT, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist

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