Pain Awareness Month

Pain Awareness Month

September is declared Pain Awareness Month and was established in 2001 by the American Chronic Pain Association. Their goal is to promote education and awareness on chronic pain in order to break down the barriers to effective pain management. According to John Hopkins University, nearly 100 million Americans experience chronic pain. That is more than the number of people who have diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined. In 2012 the Institute of Medicine reported that the economic burden of chronic pain exceeds $500 billion per year.


In 2010 the Massachusetts Pain Initiative conducted a study to assess the quality of life in people with chronic pain. Nearly three quarters of respondents reported that their pain negatively impacted their quality of life and productivity. 78% reported that pain had interfered with their sleep.  73% reported feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed because of their pain and that they were less productive at work due to their pain. 68% of respondents reported that their pain interferes with their ability to perform everyday tasks such as driving, walking, grocery shopping, or cooking. Read the rest of the report here at


Pain is a warning sign that indicates a problem needs attention. With that being said, now that school is back in session and kids have begun playing sports pain should not simply be brushed off. It is important to address the pain effectively. According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), more than 6.2 million children are sent to the emergency room each year due to sport related injuries. The best offense is a good defense. Making sure your child is prepared properly can help your child avoid an injury. Stretching and the use of proper equipment is one way to reduce the risk of injuries. If pain or an injury does occur the most effective way to treat the pain is by combining various treatments such as physical therapy, bracing, medications and more.  Here is the link for the American Society of Anesthesiologists article on pain in children and how to prevent it


For more information on pain awareness month and how you can get involved check out the link below from the American Chronic Pain Association:


-Matthew D’Antonio, PT, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist

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