Sensory Friendly Movie

THIS SATURDAY we will be joining Cinemark for our 4th Sensory Friendly Movie Screening. We will be screening the movie Cars 3. A sensory friendly movie means that the lights are dimmed not completely off, the volume is turned down lower, and children have the freedom to get up and move around the theater.

This environment is a great place for children with sensory processing disorder. The low volume helps children with sound sensitivities, and allows them to be able to enjoy the movie without needing head phones or to cover their ears. Keeping the lights dimmed allows children who are fearful of the dark to be more comfortable and allows children with vision problems to see a little bit better. A movie is usually an hour and a half to two hours long. This is a long time for some children (and myself) to sit still for. The ability to allow children to get up and move around without worrying about disturbing other people helps to make the experience more enjoyable for them and for you as a family.

This event will take place THIS Saturday, June 17th at 10:00am.  Tickets can be purchased at Lowcountry Therapy Center’s Bluffton or Port Royal locations, or can be purchased the day of the event at the theater.  Reservations are REQUIRED for this event (even if paying the day of the event), so that appropriate planning can take place.  The cost is $10 per person and includes a ticket voucher, popcorn, drink, and snack.  For questions, please call (843) 815-6999

Here is a link for the Car’s 3 trailer KACHOW!!!!!

-Matthew D’Antonio, DPT, PT

-Pediatric Physical Therapist

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