Speech Activities for Summer

Speech Activities for Summer

 Now that school is out, you might be looking for extra ways to fit in some speech practice!  Summer time means there is extra time to fit in some of those activities that can get neglected when homework and after-school activities fill up the schedule.  It can also mean experiencing new activities and outings that open the door for learning new vocabulary.  Below are just a few ideas for incorporating speech practice into everyday activities this summer!

  • Read a book!  Reading helps build vocabulary and language skills.  Check out the Beaufort County Library Summer Reading Program , where you can earn points and win prizes for reading and attending library events.  Barnes and Noble also has a Summer Reading Triathlon, where you can earn a free book just for signing up!
  • Set up playdates, join a camp, or head to a park to play with same-age children and develop and improve social skills.
  • Plan activities like gardening, baking, or a scavenger hunt to work on following directions and sequencing.  You can also find ways to incorporate new vocabulary and practice describing and categorizing objects.
  • Strengthen those mouth muscles and improve oral awareness by blowing bubbles, drinking sour lemonade, and sucking on popsicles. 
  • Participate in arts and crafts.  From color labeling to following directions, there are craft projects for all levels and interests to practice a variety of skills!
  • Go for a walk, to the zoo, to the children’s museum, or anywhere new to expand vocabulary and describing skills.
  • Check out these great calendars on the following link for quick and simple ideas to practice speech and language skills every day throughout the summer: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/FREE-Summer-Homework-Calendars-for-Language-729494 

As always, talk to your child’s speech therapist about individualized home exercise programs.  If your child does not receive speech therapy, but you have concerns about his or her speech and language development, talk to your pediatrician about making a referral, or call us to set up a quick and free screening with one of our awesome therapists!

Author: Krista Flack, MS OTR/L

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