Visual Schedules

Visual Schedules

Now that school has begun it is hard to keep track of all the after school activities, homework assignments, meal times, bed times, and everything else that goes on when your child gets home. Visual schedules are a great way to keep your child organized and on task. Some children are able to stay on task and know what needs to be done with verbal instructions. But for children with anxiety, poor attention, auditory processing difficulties, or other challenges, this verbal information is not enough. A visual schedule is a way to provide structure to a child’s life. It gives them information about what activities will be happening, and in what sequence they will occur.


Visual schedules can be used in many different ways. You can use it to show your child an overview of their entire day or evening activities when they come home. You can also use them to show all the steps in a multi-step task such as brushing your teeth. Visual schedules help to reduce anxiety in children by showing them what is coming next. They can also improve communication and help your child understand what is expected of them.


So where can I get a visual schedule for my child?

We can make visual schedules here at LOWCOUNTRY THERAPY CENTER for $15!


What does it come with?

The visual schedules include 35 pre-set pictures such as bed, school, shopping, play, etc. They also include 35 customizable picture cards that apply to you and your family, and can include specific pictures of toys, people, or places. The visual schedule also comes with 4 storage sheets, 1 schedule sheet, and 1 first/then sheet.


If you are unsure if a visual schedule is right for your child ask your therapist to trial one while they are in therapy. If you would like order a visual schedule just ask your therapist for an order form.


-Matthew D’Antonio, PT, DPT

Pediatric Physical Therapist

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