Welcome to our Blog Part 1!

Hello! Thank you for checking out our new blog! Lowcountry Therapy Center strives to have a strong community presence, and one way we are achieving that is with this blog. We are so excited to share this with the community, so be sure to check here weekly for updated blog posts! Some topics you can expect to see soon include celebrating April as OT Month and Autism Awareness Month, and preparing for Screen-Free Week. Head over to our Facebook and ‘like’ us to see posts about projects, community events, and other updates!

First, I will introduce myself. I am Krista Flack, one of the occupational therapists at Lowcountry Therapy Center in Port Royal. I am a Michigan-native, but relocated to Beaufort 2 years ago to join the Lowcountry Therapy Center team. Prior to that, I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Grand Valley State University, and my Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Western Michigan University. I have a one-year-old son who has given me a whole new perspective on childhood development. Being an occupational therapist has greatly impacted how I raise my child, and being a new parent has definitely impacted my work as an occupational therapist!

I am very excited to share about a variety of topics that I am passionate about, like sensory integration, feeding, and turning every-day tasks into therapeutic activities! I’d also like to know what YOU would like to read about. Interested in finding more sensory-friendly attractions in the area? Wondering how your child can have fun at one of the festivals coming up? Looking for more ideas for games and activities to reinforce what your child is working on in therapy? Tell us what topics you would like to see discussed in upcoming blog entries!

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