Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics begin this weekend, and here at Lowcountry Therapy Center, we have fun activities planned for the occasion!  Next week, when you bring your child to therapy, he or she can participate in some Olympic-themed events to earn a medal of their own.  A few of our events include:

  • using scooter boards to race in the “luge” and the “bobsled” competitions

  • being “cross-country skiers” by doing scissor jacks

  • “speed skating” while categorizing sports

  • “figure skating” a figure-8 pattern

  • scoring a “hockey” goal with a bottle cap

  • jumping from one side of the “halfpipe” to the other (or just over an obstacle maybe!)

These activities promote speech, occupational, and physical therapy skills like naming items in a category, comparing and contrasting, oral motor skills, fine motor skills, bilateral integration, ocular motor skills, coordination, strength, and endurance.  Kids learn best through play, so incorporating skills into games is the best way to make it stick!   

You can plan your own Olympic-themed activities with just a quick Pinterest search.  There are numerous Olympics-inspired crafts and games, along with printable worksheets to learn about the history of the games. 

Author: Krista Flack, MS OTR/L, Pediatric Occupational Therapist

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