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Pediatric Therapy & Treatment | Occupational Therapy | Physical Therapy

Pediatric clinic-based speech, occupational, feeding and physical therapy.

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Pediatric clinic and home-based literacy support.

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Pediatric school and home-based speech, occupational, feeding and physical therapy.

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Children learn best through play...
We make therapy FUN.

Lowcountry Therapy is a privately owned therapy group dedicated to providing the highest level of quality, personalized therapy & treatment. We currently provide pediatric speech, feeding, occupational, and physical therapy.

Our approach to therapy is family-based, using a unique partnership between child, parent, and therapist. We believe that parental involvement in goal setting and treatment planning is the single most important factor to successful outcomes. Lowcountry Therapy encourages parents and caregivers to attend sessions and ask questions.

At Lowcountry Therapy, intervention is based on an understanding of sensory-integration across all disciplines: occupational, speech, feeding and physical therapy. We get to know the whole-child which involves getting to know mom and dad (and other caregivers), too!

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Are you concerned about your child’s development or reading?

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