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Stuttering is a result from disruptions or breaks in the smooth flow of speech. A speaker can be dysfluent when unintentionally repeating a word or phrase, omitting or avoiding words or phrases, and also interjecting “uhs” or “okays” during speech. Some theories that have been researched include that stuttering can be a result from genetics, a speaker’s environment, and the speaker’s reaction to the environment. Lowcountry Therapy offers many solutions to these types of problems.

The Lidcombe Program for Early Childhood Stuttering

Lowcountry Therapy offers administration of The Lidcombe Program. The Lidcombe Program is a behavioral treatment for young children who stutter with high level research showing extremely favorable results (please see The program's name originates from a suburb of Sydney where the Australian Stuttering Research Centre is located, at The University of Sydney.

The treatment is administered by a parent or carer in the child's everyday environment. Parents learn how to do the treatment during weekly visits to the speech language pathologist.

The treatment is intensive and direct. It involves the parent(s) commenting directly about the child's speech. This parent feedback is overwhelmingly positive. The parent comments primarily when the child speaks without stuttering and only occasionally when the child stutters. The parent does not comment on the child's speech all the time, but chooses specific times during the day in which to give the child feedback.

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