Back to School Visual Schedules

Life has been anything but ‘normal’ these past few months and many changes can be reflected through our children’s behavior. As we approach the 'Back To School' season, a visual schedule may reestablish and provide a sense of security and stability with new routines. There are many benefits to using visual schedules including:

Removes Emotional Responses - children know what is expected with less room for negotiation and emotional desire.

Easy Transitions - Often times meltdowns decrease and are replaced with improved cooperation.

Increases Predictability and Independence- children will look at the visual schedule instead of relying on caregiver instruction.

Learn Time Lapse/Order - Increases understanding of before, after, then/later, and recall of events throughout the day.

Visual reinforcement - Verbal instruction may be too complex. Having a visual picture to refer to will improve following direction skills.

Healthy Habits - sets up a routine that is predicted, improves memory, mental organization, and responsibility. As always, schedules can change. It’s important to establish flexibility from the start.

Increases Flexibility - Schedule changes are bound to happen. You can prepare and adapt them with the visual schedule to reflect the new ‘plan’.

Visual schedules come in many forms. Enjoy creating and adapting one for your individual family needs. Download our Visual Daily Schedule and our Morning Time and Bed Time Routines

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